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A level Psychology

Welcome to the downloads page for AQA (A) A2 Psychology. Here you will find extra resources to help you get ready for the big day, including ‘What you need to know’ checklists, exam practice answers and quick quizzes.

AQA (A) A2 Psychology

Unit 3 Topics in psychology

1 Biological rhythms and sleep

2 Perception

3 Relationships

4 Aggression

5 Eating

6 Gender

7 Intelligence and learning

8 Cognition and development

Unit 4 Psychopathology, psychology in action and research methods

Section A Psychopathology

9 Psychopathology

Section B Psychology in action

10 Media psychology

11 The psychology of addictive behaviour

12 Anomalistic psychology

Section C Psychological research and scientific method

13 Psychological research and scientific method